Join us on our journey to empower the world through digital finance

We believe in bridging the worlds of traditional and digital finance by providing universally accessible, secure and simple-to-use high-tech solutions.


Our aim is to provide new technologies within the financial market to improve current business services.

Our company is oriented to create, innovate and develop high-tech solutions for the B2B sector. We provide fully regulated and easy-to-use digital projects that will help your business expand its reach to potential clients and deliver new client-oriented services.

We help traditional businesses seamlessly interact with digital assets. We unite the power of digital assets with the standard finance sector following KYC and AML rules.

Our solutions for businesses:

  • Partner POS terminals with our tech solution allow businesses to widen their payment opportunities: customers pay in digital assets – merchants receive payment in conventional money (fiat).
  • Exchange solution for merchants and corporate clients. We provide digital assets to fiat transactions with a fixed exchange rate through easy API.
  • Tech solution for POS terminals allows companies to receive payment in fiat from digital assets.

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Digital Finance

We expand the digital assets market with merchants whose services and products can be paid with digital or fiat currency.

Payment Solutions

In order to connect the fully regulated financial market with the highest technical standards, we developed efficient processes with established, regulated, secure, and reputable partners.

Infrastructure Projects

Through our infrastructure projects, we make it possible for you to integrate digital currencies into your everyday life and manage your entire financial picture with ease.


Digital Street not only guarantees participants high-quality services but also sets the highest security standards within its technology.

We have placed ourselves under the strictly regulated umbrella of different European supervisors and regulatory authorities in the financial sector, by whose support we promote and constantly perfect our own corporate guidelines.


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We are knowledgeable and trusted experts in financial services, compliance, process, security, UX and customer service.

We bring together a talented, experienced, diverse team focused on our tenets of security, fairness, transparency, service and innovation.

Together we’ve built processes in line with regulatory requirements, developed industry-standard infrastructure and made sure we offer best-in-class security on custody of funds.

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